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W5 Architects is a direct continuation to the firm W&W Architects (established in the 1990’s) which was founded by the late Datuk Wan Mohammad Khair-il Anuar. It is geared for the sophisticated demand of the industry, in a time when architecture is celebrated in quality, practical and intelligent buildings. We are in a position to offer services and consultancy of the highest professional standards and to create good architecture which is functional, practical, and most importantly, to inspire. 

We have set up an interprofessional association with various discipline to provide a simulating working environment. The importance of good job administration is recognized both within the organization and on site with special emphasis on cost control performance and good communication with the client.

We can undertake complete control and management of projects covering all phases of project development i.e initiation of brief, viability of project, land acquisition, management of finance, project control on cost, time and quality, planning and co-ordination of design, nomination of experts/consultants, documentation, construction programming, resource planning and operation of facility.

W5 Architects believe that architecture has a profound influence on the well-being of a society and the natural landscape, hence, good architecture is of the utmost importance that must be achieved through every level of development within the built environment.